Turning every river into a power station

With every river running into the ocean being a potential power station, SaltPower presents an alternative to fossil fuels; one that is viable and sustainable at the same time, and which does not emit greenhouse gases. And one that is independent on whether the sun is shining, or the wind is blowing. SaltPower is an innovative clean energy company. We have further developed and commercialized the concept of using osmotic power to produce electricity. We build scalable systems that harness the osmotic energy locked away in saltwater, potentially turning every river that runs into the ocean into a power plant.

Salt is power 
– turned into 
clean energy

We will run out of oil before we run out of salt. Salt is a natural resource with an untapped energy production potential ready to support the transition to a decarbonized economy.

Where to find salt in the world

“Have you ever looked at a flower breaking through solid concrete and wondered how it is possible?

It is the power of osmosis! I created SaltPower because the world needs clean and sustainable energy sources, and I can’t wait to show the world how the power of osmosis can contribute to the energy transition. The technology is ready and available”.



Apply the technology to the most promising cases – water with high salinity and synergies – and use this as a basis for commercializing the technology




From idea to development

The potential of SaltPower as alternative energy technology is very high and based on the results from initial pilots, high power densities can be obtained at a larger scale. In Europe the potential for geothermal energy is very high and by combining geothermal heat and electric power, power plants can produce renewable energy to meet energy needs in a safe, reliable and sustainable way.

SaltPower™ is build from strong brands with the best know-how


SEMCO turbines
and generators






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Supported by EUPD

The development is supported by EUDP (Det Energi-teknologiske Udviklings- og emonstrationsprogram) funded by the Danish Government in support of energy and climate research and development.