Turning salt into green and clean energy

We have further developed and commercialized the concept of using osmotic power as a renewable energy source in which seawater and freshwater is mixed to release energy. Salt is a natural resource with an untapped energy production potential ready to support the transition to a decarbonized economy. The technology can be easily applied worldwide to harness energy in various applications.

Geothermal Osmotic Power

By integrating osmotic power and geothermal heat (it is possible to obtain an energy optimizing synergy effect, where the water used to produce district heating is also used to produce electricity. The electricity produced through PRO can be sold to the existing grid and used in the geothermal plant, hence reducing the energy consumption of producing district heating.

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High temperature geothermal osmotic power

Til traditionelle geotermiske anlæg, hvor man får damp op af undergrunden. Hvis dampen er våd og indeholder saltvand, kan man laver SaltPower ved at blande saltvand med kondenseret damp og sende det hele retur til undergrunden. Ingen udledning til overfladen - alt sendes tilbage.