SaltPower is the World's first commercial energy production technology based on osmotic energy

At SaltPower we focus on the osmosis principle to produce clean and CO2-free energy by harnessing the potential energy of saltwater and water.


Salt is clean power 
– turned into 
CO2-free energy

We will run out of oil before we run out of salt. Salt is an untapped natural resource with the energy production potential necessary to support the transition to a carbon neutral and sustainable world.
Salt is found all around the globe and it is a critical raw material for many everyday products. The global production of salt is in excess of 350 million tons annually.

“Have you ever looked at a flower breaking through solid concrete and wondered how it is possible?"

"It is the power of osmosis! I created SaltPower because the world needs clean and sustainable energy sources, and I can’t wait to show the world how the power of osmosis can contribute to the energy transition. The technology is ready and available.”



The company SaltPower was founded in 2015 by the Danish engineer, inventor and businessman Jørgen Mads Clausen who always had an interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy. Today the company continues to grow and is now delivering units at a commercial scale.

The company SaltPower was founded by the Danish engineer, inventor and businessman Jørgen Mads Clausen. Mr. Clausen has always had an interest in energy efficiency and renewable energy and in connection with a visit at a geothermal powerplant in Sønderborg on the Danish island Als, he found out that the water from deep underground was very salty. Mr. Clausen knew about the experiments made in Norway by the company Statkraft on pressure retarded osmosis (PRO). Statkraft tried to generate electricity from PRO by mixing sea water and freshwater from rivers, but concluded that this was not profitable due to the relatively low salt content in sea water.
Mr. Clausen believed that higher salt concentrations, like the salty water from geothermal plants, would be the solution and initiated a research project at the university in Esbjerg, Denmark to test out the idea and. As expected, the work demonstrated that the concept is indeed profitable. Realizing that the world needs renewable, nonfluctuating energy Mr. Clausen founded the company SaltPower in 2015 and together with a small group of specialists he started to develop the technology.
Today the company continues to grow, and enjoys a dynamic and innovative culture, which is now leading to partnerships with major industrial salt producers and the first commercial full scale installation. Mr. Clausen continues to be the owner of SaltPower and is an active participant in all activities in the company.


SaltPower™ is a reliable technology utilizing best-in-class components from market leaders 




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SaltPower has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement N° 954045

Supported by EUDP and Horizon 2020

The development is supported by EUDP (Det Energi-teknologiske Udviklings- og demonstrationsprogram) funded by the Danish Government in support of energy and climate research and development.

The Horizon 2020 is one of the world's largest research and innovation programs.